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A tribute to the imaginative and prescient and legacy of Israel Gelfand, the invited papers during this quantity mirror the harmony of arithmetic as a complete, with specific emphasis at the many connections one of the fields of geometry, physics, and illustration idea. Written by way of top mathematicians, the textual content is widely divided into sections: the 1st is dedicated to advancements on the intersection of geometry and physics, and the second one to illustration concept and algebraic geometry.

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Moreover, Campi and Garatti [9] also show that (5) holds with equality under mild conditions. t. (6) t∈T which does not retain the desirable continuity property of P. t. 1 0⎛n y x ⎞ y δ ⎝ x ⎠ ≥ 0, −1 δ ∈ Δ, where δ is a random vector taking values on Δ = [{1} × (−C) × {0}] ∪ {0} × St t∈T with probability P. Taking N values of δ at random on Δ with probability P, we get the corresponding scenario program and, maintaining the notation of the previous case, we have, again by [9], the tight bound n P {V (x∗N ) > ε} ≤ N i εi (1 − ε)N −i , i=0 for any given ε > 0 and for any x∗N optimal solution of the scenario program.

This chapter surveys the state of the art in sensitivity and stability analysis in LSIP. Key words: linear semi-infinite programming, linear inequality systems, stability analysis, sensitivity analysis 1 Introduction Let T be an infinite set, a : T → Rn , b : T → R, and c ∈ Rn . t. c x := ci xi i=1 at x ≥ bt , t ∈ T, (1) is called a (primal) linear semi-infinite programming (LSIP in brief) problem because the number of variables is finite whereas the set of constraints is infinite. The mappings a and b are called left- and right-hand side (LHS and RHS) functions whereas c is called cost vector.

The converse statement holds if π ∈ ΠP B. ϑP is usc at π ⇔ F is lsc at π. If π is Hwp, then the restriction of ϑP to ΠP B is continuous. If F ∗ is bounded, then π is Hwp ⇔ either F is lsc at π or |F | = 1. If F ∗ is unbounded and π is Hwp, then F is lsc at π. A similar analysis has been carried out in [22] with other Hwp concepts. In the particular case that π ∈ int ΠP anovas et al. [25] provide an S , C´ expression for α (called Lipschitz constant), in terms of the data, such that ϑP (π 1 ) − ϑP (π 2 ) ≤ αd∞ (π 1 , π 2 ) for all π 1 , π 2 in some neighborhood of π.

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