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By Jianye Li, Deli Wang, Ray R LaPierre

ISBN-10: 1608050521

ISBN-13: 9781608050529

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C) Cross-sectional view of p-GaN/i-InxGa1-xN/n-GaN heterojunction and corresponding energy band diagrams. (d) Light I-V curves for a green PV device. Inset, optical microscopy image of the device; scale bar is 5 ┬Ám. Reprinted with permission from Ref. [137]. Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society. SUMMARY In summary, with the recent advancements in various growth/synthesis techniques, significant progress has been made in the technologically important III-nitride nanowire heterostructures. To date, the growth mechanisms have been relatively well understood, and the structural, optical and electrical properties of such nanoscale semiconductors can be well controlled by varying the design and growth parameters.

DEVICE APPLICATIONS High quality III-nitride nanowires have emerged as promising candidates for future nanoelectronic and nanophotonic devices. With the use of such nanoscale heterostructures, nanoscale LEDs, lasers, transistors, and solar cells have been demonstrated. In what follows, the fabrication and performance characteristics of such novel devices are described. Transistors The use of GaN nanowires for field effect transistors (FETs) has been intensively investigated. AlGaN nanowire nchannel MOSFET fabricated on an oxidized Si substrate exhibit a current ON/OFF ratio of more than three orders of magnitude for gate bias varying from -8 to 6 V [113].

Yang, P. D. Crystallographic alignment of high-density gallium nitride nanowire arrays. Nat. , 2004, 3(8), 524-528. ; Griol, A. Growth, morphology, and structural properties of group-III-nitride nanocolumns and nanodisks. Phys. Stat. Sol. (B), 2007, 244(8), 2816-2837. ; Georgakilas, A. Spontaneous growth of III-nitride nanowires on Si by molecular beam epitaxy. Microelectron. , 2009, 86(4-6), 812-815. ; Sanford, N. Mechanism for spontaneous growth of GaN nanowires with molecular beam epitaxy.

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