Natalia Bitekhtina, Larisa Grushevskaya, Yulia Sheina's A Living Russian Grammar PDF

By Natalia Bitekhtina, Larisa Grushevskaya, Yulia Sheina

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Caron, Bernard. 1991. Le haoussa de l’Ader. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer. Delancey, Scott. 1994. Grammaticalization and linguistic theory. In Proceedings of the 1993 ­Mid-America Linguistics Conference and Conference on Siouan/Caddoan Languages, 1–22. Non-aprioristic typology as a discovery tool  Dryer, Matthew S. 2005. Definite articles. , 154–157. Frajzyngier Zygmunt. 1987. Encoding locative in Chadic. Journal of West African Languages 17(1): 81–97. Frajzyngier, Zygmunt. 2001. A Grammar of Lele [Stanford Monographs in African Linguistics].

M-stink ‘the (inside of the) basket stinks’, we do not mean that the basket as such stinks, but that it is one of its parts, the inside, which stinks. e. the fact that it possesses an interior part, and (6) refers to a (momentary) characteristic of this interior part: this is much more accurate than the ordinary English ‘the basket stinks’, for usually there is nothing wrong with the basket itself; the trouble is due to something Chorophorics, or the difference between place as an entity and place as a position in space  foreign inside, though we may not be able to say exactly what.

The following, then, are the manners of coding locative predications. If the predicate and the complement are inherently [+locative], the locative predication has no external markers, and the locative complement follows the predicate. ’ The fact that the form á precedes the noun has led many linguists working on other Chadic languages to assume that á and its cognates are prepositions (­Frajzyngier 1987; Caron 1991; Newman 2000; Jaggar 2001). That assumption was in accord with the aprioristic approach that a morpheme that precedes a  Zygmunt Frajzyngier noun and that is not a determiner must be a preposition.

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